About the Book

1949. Shanghai is in turmoil as the Communist army approaches. In the ensuing chaos, a young crime lord loses a treasure of priceless value.

2008. Dean Lashure discovers a roll of film in an ancient camera, but he does not realize that what he is about to see will change his life forever.

What starts out as a romantic treasure hunt turns into something darker and far more dangerous when the Hong Kong Triads get involved. Finding the gold is suddenly only the beginning...

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For the next 90 days (February - April 2012) Shanghai Gold's digital edition is exclusively available through Amazon's Kindle, including the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. The free edition here will re-appear in May 2012.

About the Author

Thomas Sturm works as a software engineer in San Francisco and he lives in the Bay Area with his wife Kazumi and their son Luke Akira.

Previously he had worked in a video game store, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering, traveled the world, repaired washing machines, developed computer games and once helped write a multitasking operating system in a summer. He has also spent one year forty meters underground for the German Airforce, apparently fighting the mole people.

He can usually be found walking the streets of San Francisco with a vintage Kodak Medalist at the ready.

Shanghai Gold is his first novel.